Output data storage

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The storage model for output data should facilitate the achievement of the following objectives:

  • keep project-related data together in a form that is
    • compact,
    • logical,
    • readable and
    • easily accessible;
  • make it easy to perform unit testing;
  • help compare the results of incremental changes in the code;
  • support creating time snapshots of the model for auditing purposes.

The above-mentioned objectives can be accomplished more easily if

  1. readable output files are stored in the Results directory (as mentioned in Section 6.2),
  2. graphs (PDFs, JPGs etc.) are stored in the Graphs subdirectory of Results
  3. both readable files and graphs are cataloged by date of the corresponding program run in separate directories named yyyy-mm-dd with appropriate commentary appended separated by underscores (e.g., 2014-05-14_Hip_Knee)